Our sponsors

As a non-profit event that tries to be as accessible as possible by keeping the price for tickets low we are very dependant on sponsoring. As such we're always very happy with a group of such involved sponsors. We would like to explain why we're so happy with each sponsor.

Are you also interested in supporting PFCongres? Read about advertisement and sponsoring.


"Hi, we need help, but we just want a bag of money" is hard to sell. For companies that are active in the PHP community it's a bit easier to explain, but if your code business has nothing to do with PHP it's a bit harder. For that reason we were quite happy with the support of Bax-shop, who were the first sponsor to commit to supporting PFCongres. Bax-shop.nl supports us because they're looking for developers. With a couple of loyal Bax-shop.nl customers among our ranks, we can only recommend to have a look at their job openings if you're looking for a new job. For instance Senior PHP softwaredeveloper or Mobile/Front-end/PHP developer.


One of our most cherished wishes is to be able to record the talks at PFCongres so we can publish them on our website and on sites such as ProTalk. The cost of doing this was always too high though, keeping us from doing so. So when Michelangelo van Dam of In2IT approached us with the proposal of covering those costs we jumped for joy. In2IT has been involved with the PHP community both in the Netherlands and the rest of the world. We're very grateful for the support of In2IT!


This year we'll have a unique event on the Saturday night at a fantastic location; the gamenight. Offline games, snacks and drinks, and of course a lot of fun. We organize this together with our friends from AmsterdamPHP. If you're ever near Amsterdam, don't hesitate to check out one of their monthly meetings. Thanks, AmsterdamPHP!

Copernica & MailerQ

When we told Copernica and MailerQ about our new gamenight, they immediately wanted to get on board. Thanks to their support we'll not only have a lot of fun, but also have an entire evening of drinks and snacks. Copernica and MailerQ are high level technology companies in the heart of Amsterdam. They're always looking for new talent. Thanks Copernica and MailerQ!


We're expanding a lot this year with PFCongres. One of the additions this year is an unconference track, a third track on top of our 2 main tracks, where attendees can propose and deliver a talk themselves. Of course, this adds to our financial pressure and workload. Luckily, in the PFCongres crew there's someone with his own company, who wanted to support this idea. Thanks for doing so Stefan of Ingewikkeld.


Enrise and beer goes well together, as we have seen in previous years. Enrise has been our social & drinks sponsor before. This year, we're going a step further: Enrise is helping us organize a beertasting on the Friday night. Interested people can join in on getting to know nice beer. And who doesn't want that? We're very happy with the support of Enrise. Do you like beer? Or cake? Have a look at the job openings of Enrise.


The drinks immediately after the conference on saturday will by sponsored by True. True has been a solid supporter of us for years with web hosting. This year they were eager to get involved in making the conference a success once more. And naturally drinks after the conference are a good way to do that. Thanks, True!


What is PFCongres without speakers? Nothing, right? Speakers are one of the most important aspects, but they also have to be catered for, ecause we want to pay for their travel and stay. They put in a lot of effort to teach us! Because of this, we're always happy with the money of sponsors to cover this cost. But if a speaker runs a company and they want to cover the costs with that company, we're always very grateful. Take Jippey, the company of our speaker Michelle Sanver. Are you looking for a developer for your project? Consider hiring Michelle!


Not every speaker has their own company. Some people work for a company. But employers can also be very nice people, as Freshheads, employer of our speaker Dimitri van Hees proves. They were eager to cover the cost for travel and stay for Dimitri. And we dig that. Our friends from Tilburg, who are also represented in Amsterdam these days, have some job openings that you should check out.


Organising a conference costs money. Some companies support us by simply giving us a fixed amount of money to cover all costs. Other companies prefer to cover specific costs. This is very good for us, as we can simply stop worrying about specific essential parts of our conference. Future500 approached us with the question whether they could cover the cost of the badges, one of the most essential parts of a conference. And that is awesome. Thanks Future500!


This year, we are proud to add O'Reilly to our list of participants for PFCongres 2013. Not just will O'Reilly have a stand at PFCongres to sell books, all books will be available at a 40% discount! And better yet, we'll get 10 books to raffle! Good to have you on board!

Advertisement and Sponsoring

PFCongres cannot exist without partners who contribute to our conference. We offer you in return the opportunity to promote your company in an attractive environment in front of the Dutch web development community.

Three reasons to become a partner of PFCongres 2013

  1. PFCongres is a conference which has proven itself the past seven years. With a yearly growth PFCongres is a concept in the Dutch web community.
  2. PFCongres reaches an audience wich is unique: PHP-professional, beginning PHP'er and small business are reached. Also freelancers and PHP-ers looking for a new challenge are present: this is an excellent opportunity to get in touch with new employees.
  3. PFCongres has given its audience remarkable and hot topics for years in a row. Among others, Zeev Suraski (Zend), Jan-Willem Eshuis (NOS), Bram Veenhof (Microsoft), Derick Rethans (Testing and PHP), Peter-Paul Koch (quirksmode.org), Jilles Oldebeuving (Marktplaats), Roland Bouman (MySQL AB), Mike van Riel (phpDocumentor) en Anne van Kesteren (Opera) did a presentation at previous editions.

PFCongres offers its visitors a full-day conference day. For you, this means a lot of breaks during which you can present your company to them!


We have an informational package for you to meet PFCongres and describing your opportunities. Download the sponsordocument here. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding the possibilities for your company.